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Friday, November 21, 2008

The M1-Night StalkIR™ Thermal Imaging System

The M1-Night StalkIR™ Thermal Imaging System brings the industry's most advanced thermal imaging capabilities together with IEC Infrared System's proprietary signal processing and electronics in a rugged, environmentally sealed pan & tilt positioning stage. This thermal infrared imaging system combines superior imaging capability with an integrated high-performance visual video camera to provide full day/night surveillance capability in any weather. The thermal imaging system is configurable for fixed, vehicle mount or drop-deployable applications, giving flexibility in any tactical situation. The M1-NightStalkIR™ series of thermal imaging cameras and surveillance systems are adaptable to a wide variety of situations and applications. This system is equally suited for mobile (vehicle) mounting, fixed installation, or drop-deployable use. Optional features such as AC power input and either wireless or fiber-optic video and data transmission allow this thermal imager to perform equally well in all configurations.

System Features

Mounting System


System Features
• Low-light visual camera standard with infrared image
• Single integrated payload enclosure for both infrared
and Visual imager
• Optional Image Intensified (I2) camera with optical zoom
• Optional GPS/compass, fiber optic, and
wireless capabilities
• Full 360° rotation (with optional slip ring)
• Programmable scan pattern
• On screen position display of imaging direction
and other tactical data
• IEC's Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) system
with thermal image colorization
• Handcontroller or PC software control (included)
• Networkable with IEC's patent-pending
IntrudIR Alert™
alarm/tracking system

The M1-NightStalkIR™ family of thermal imaging cameras and surveillance systems proved the ultimate in multispectral imaging capabilities. The imaging payload uses state-of-the-art uncooled thermal infrared detector technology, with lens options providing field of view from 18o to 1o (HFOV). Coupling this detector with IEC's proprietary Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) image processing hardware and algorithms complete the thermal imager and provide the sharpest, clearest colorized image (user selectable palettes) available today. A high-performance, low-light level visual camera (with 26X optical zoom) is standard, giving the M1-NightStalkIR™ a 24/7, all-weather imaging capability. An optional Gen III Image Intensified Camera with optical zoom can be added for even greater night vision in the visual spectrum, hile optional systems such as a laser range finder and GPS/compass systems can be added to enhance tactical awareness by providing precise location of observed targets.

Mounting System
The M1-NightStalkIR™ payload can be either fixed mounted or mated to a ruggedized, environmentally tight pan & tilt system, specifically engineered to perform in the most demanding military environments on earth. This high performance positioning device provides rotation rates up to 40°/sec, with precision to +/- 0.014°. All system functions can be controlled using a ruggedized hand controller (operable when wearing either Arctic wear or NBC protection), while all system data (camera pointing direction, system settings, GPS data, vector compass) is available in an on screen display, or through PC-based software (included). The thermal imaging system may also be networked and controlled using the Pelco command protocols, or through IEC's exclusive, patented
IntrudIR Alert™ system.

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