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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What is Camera Link?

What is Camera Link?

Camera Link is a new high-speed serial data interface standard developed by a consortium of camera and frame grabber companies, including Data Translation. Camera Link, based on National Semiconductor’s Channel Link technology, provides a universal, high-speed, serial cable interconnection standard for both digital cameras and image acquisition boards. A single 26-pin cable contains up to 24-bit video data, clock, enable and control signals. Because Camera Link is a universal interface, Camera Link products are easily interchanged using the same cable.

Benefits of Camera Link:

Easy camera/frame grabber integration. Connectors, cables, data format, and control signals are all standardized.

Industry standard cables means you can buy in volume and get competitive pricing.

Camera Link chip sets have high data rates, perfect for today’s image data transmission requirements and expandable for future needs.

Camera Link lets you increase the performance of your application while saving time and money.

Data Translation’s DT3145 frame grabber is a high-performance, high-speed digital image acquisition board, based on the Camera Link standard. Its high-performance image capture capability combined with simple cable interfacing makes it an ideal solution for high-resolution scientific imaging, general-purpose image processing, and machine vision applications.

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