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Monday, February 4, 2008

Stereo Vision - Bumblebee 2

Image Acquisition
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • Multiple cameras on the same 1394 bus automatically sync
  • Faster standard frame rates
  • Overlapped trigger input, image acquisition and transfer
Image Processing
  • On-camera conversion to YUV411, YUV422 and RGB formats
  • On-camera control of sharpness, hue, saturation, gamma
  • Pixels contain frame-specific info (e.g. 1394 cycle time)
Camera and Device Control
  • Broadcast settings to all cameras on the same bus
  • Auto and one-push white balance for easy color balancing
  • Reports the temperature near the imaging sensor
  • Monitors sensor voltages to ensure optimal image quality
  • Fine-tune frame rates for video conversion (e.g. PAL, NTSC)
  • Non-volatile storage of camera default settings and user data
  • General purpose input/output pins for external device control
  • Firmware upgradeable in field via IEEE-1394 interface.
Camera Calibration
  • Pre-calibrated for lens distortions and camera misalignments. The camera works straight out of the box, as it doesn't require in-field calibration and is guaranteed to stay calibrated.
  • Images are aligned within 0.05 pixel RMS error.
  • The calibration information is pre-loaded on the camera, allowing the software to retrieve the image correction information. This allows seamless swapping of the cameras, or retrieving the correct information when multiple cameras are on the bus.
  • The calibration retention system prevents the unit from losing calibration when the device is subject to mechanical shock and vibration
BW vs Color
  • Benefits of Black & White
    • Speed: BW models are slightly faster than color due to the time it takes the color model to convert stippled images into color images.
    • Higher Resolution: Color is achieved by interpolating raw pixel values. Consequently, BW has higher resolution.
    • Higher Fidelity: Due to the light collection methods used by color cameras, BW has higher fidelity.
  • Benefits of Color
    • Color Differentiation: Being able to differentiate between different colors could allow a mobile robot to, for example, distinguish a red ball from its surroundings.
    • Color Texture Mapping: Users interested in using the device for 3D modeling will probably be interested in having full color texture maps.

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