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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

C and CS Mount Differences

C and CS-mount lenses are both threaded lens mounts found on most industrial CCD cameras and lenses. The difference between C and CS-mount equipment is the distance between the flange of the lens (the part of the case that buts up against the camera) and the focal plane of the lens (where the CCD sensor must be positioned). This is known as the flange back distance. On C-mount lenses, this is 17.52mm and on CS-mount lenses it is 12.52mm (see example image below). Therefore, if you have a CS-mount camera and a C-mount lens, you can add a 5mm spacer to obtain the correct focus. If, however, you have a C-mount camera and a CS-mount lens, correct focus cannot be achieved.

Diagram of typical C or CS-mount lens

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