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Friday, August 12, 2011

European vision market was forecast to grow 5%

The European vision market was forecast to grow 5% in 2010 but the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has recently announced that growth was nearer 35%. In addition, the European Machine Vision Industry Report 2011, published by the EMVA, predicts further growth of 20% in 2011. This has been fuelled by the accessibility of vision and imaging technologies, easy to use of software and the flexibility of interfaces and camera technology.

A major contributor to this trend is the increasing demand placed on industry to be more cost efficient and to reduce defects, improve quality control and to eliminate human error through the use of automation.

Automation is having a significant influence on the industrial vision market as the manufacturing sector strives to ensure competitiveness in response to the threats posed by lower labour costs in other parts of the world. Industry has also been able to benefit from technology advances, developed for the demanding security and defence sectors, which have been driving improved performance and reducing system prices. Vision is also expanding outside its natural home of industrial production and is moving into areas such as agriculture, security, surveillance, logistics, life science, medical technology, retail, sports and many other walks of life. It would seem that this trend is no ‘flash in the pan’. Another report, ‘Global Machine Vision and Vision Guided Robotics Market (2010-2015)’ published recently by US based Marketsandmarkets predicts significant growth for the machine vision and related components market throughout the world during this period.

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