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Monday, August 17, 2009

What is the Difference between Digital and Film Cameras?

By Marcy Burlock

The world of film making is loaded with choices and decisions. Among those, what script to produce as well as what team to put together are very important. However, another very crucial question that must be answered is whether you wish to use a film camera such as a High 8 or a digital camera that uses a hard drive or an SD memory card.

Whether you choose film or digital, they both provide excellent films. However, when making your choice, there are a few advantages and disadvantages for both. Here are just a few.

Film Camera

As you would suspect, a film camera requires film. The most recognized film camera is the High 8. This cameras film quality is very similar to that of a digital camera. Additional models include the 16mm and the Super 8 which are the old reel to reel cameras invented way before VCR's.

Film cameras offer a richer looking film. However, this form does require the need for processing. While this task usually only takes a day or two, it is very difficult to find a processing center willing to work with a filmmaker on a budget. If you do in fact find one, your reward will be a clear and engaging film.

Camcorders are another option and these use VCR tapes. These tapes are readily available and usually very inexpensive. However, the disadvantages to using a tape camcorder are the fact that you must rewind the tape in order to see what you have shot. If you are not satisfied with the scene, you must either tape over it or use another tape. In addition, these tapes tend to wear down over time which can lead to poor film quality.

You will also have to light your scene well. There are times with film or tape the scene will appear very dark and you can't make out anything. Light the scene so you know what's happening, but that it looks natural.


Digital cameras are easier to find new, as they are phasing out the old tape camcorders. With the abundance of effects and editing options on a digital camera, you can make a professional looking film much faster than with film or tape.

Digital does have a disadvantage. If you compare a photo taken with an old 35mm camera to one taken with a digital camera, you will see that the digital photo is excessively bright and clear and contains no depth.

While digital cameras are very clear, it is very difficult to get the same shading and lighting unless you are an expert at lighting and editing programs.

Digital cameras allow you to check your shots right away, by simply clicking on the play button or connecting the camera to a computer and watching it. It's much easier to erase too, just click the delete button and it's gone. You don't have to worry about re-using tapes and having them wear out on you.

An additional advantage to a digital camcorder is that it only requires a quick hook up to your computer, uploading of your files and opening your editing program. With a tape camcorder a converter is required in order to connect to your computer.

Adding special effects could not be easier with a digital camcorder. All you have to do is open the files of special effects already loaded on your computer and enter the ones you want to your film.

One disadvantage to digital cameras, they are more expensive. A hard drive camcorder can run you upwards of $400 or a bit more. You can also get one that uses SD and XD memory cards, the same ones your still digital camera uses. These cameras tend to be a bit cheaper, but no less useful than the more expensive ones.

In order to purchase the right camera for you, you must first ask yourself a few simple questions. Are you more comfortable with the old school tape and film cameras? Or, do you want the ease and convenience of digital?

Once you decide, the rest will flow with ease.

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Video Camcorders For Newbies 101

By Jesper Kanakki

If you are to follow renowned psychologist Ivan Pavlov's classic conditioning theory, you will realize that it is very much applicable to human beings and not just lab rats. Basically, it works when someone who does a good job gets a reward. In people, this is important because it will serve as bait for them to always do their best in whatever field of endeavor they find themselves in. If you think that you deserve a present for all your hard work, then wait no more. Do not wish for a special occasion to come up so that you can use it as an excuse to splurge. Just do what your heart desires and you will reap the benefits.

Are you in a limbo on what to give yourself? Check out the internet for the latest trend in innovative products. The most popular choices are usually high technology products like cellular phones, MP3 players, laptops and video camcorders. They are both functional and entertaining. It also helps that they are aesthetically appealing with their designs ranging from simple prints to funky patterns. There are also gadgets that are plain in color while others are multi-colored. In addition, there are basic and eclectic styles that will suit your discriminating needs.

However, before you decide to get a video camcorder, read this article first so that you will learn three important secrets about this particular item. Prepare to be surprised and impressed at the same time.

The first secret about a video camcorder is that it is a value for money purchase. Yes, it is not cheap, but it is not expensive either. Its price is comparable to other equipments with fewer functions such as a Discman. For something that offers a wealth of potential, it can already be considered as affordable.

Imagine the benefits it can give you. It is a good way to enhance your creativity. Your documentary or filmmaking potential will also be optimized if you constantly practice. Who knows? You might be the next genius raring to rock the red carpet of Hollywood a few years from now.

Second, a video camcorder will help you widen your knowledge because you are now more conscious about your immediate surroundings. Surely, your media literacy will improve to stratospheric heights. If you are always tinkering with your beloved camcorder, you will have the motivation to attend film classes as well as study television shows. The shows will cover not only lifestyle news but also serious ones like news report clips, situational comedies and even outrageous game shows.

Third, a video camcorder will teach you to relate well with other people. If you are a wallflower, you will have no choice but to open up and learn how to become an extrovert. Regardless of the age, gender, race and socio-economic status of your actors, you have to communicate with them in a pleasant manner.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Those three aforementioned secrets have been tried and tested by experts in the manufacturing industry and even by psychologists so you need not fear about their validity. Well, what are you waiting for? Open an internet site and purchase that video camcorder you have been dreaming about.

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Cheap Underwater Cameras: Are There?

By James Brown

Cameras always bring smiles to us, how much more if these are cheap underwater cameras. It not only brings that certain beam in our faces but also in our pockets. The sea, oceans and other forms of water scenery gives us that sense of peacefulness and comfort. No wonder why these are some common destinations when we simply want to relax, enjoy and unwind. Taking pictures of such is a common tradition by many. But before unfortunately, cameras don't have that water resistant functionality thus limiting our capturing experience. But thanks to technology, underwater cameras are here to deliver us what we need.

Photographers and hobbyists would surely want to have an underwater camera that is produced by camera giants like Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Sea Life and Sea Viewer. Each of these brand names has been developed with their unique cutting edge technology making their cameras last for years. Much more, each of them has unique functionalities that set their cameras apart. On the other hand, although these are durable products, they are quite expensive to begin with.

We, consumers commonly don't venture out in buying cheap brands of underwater cameras. Practically, we want to buy branded items that are highly regarded for their reliability. But we oftentimes, we are stun on how expensive they are. So we asked ourselves can we buy those cameras with the same brand only with lower prices. Is that even possible today?

The fact is, owning an underwater camera is not a far fetched dream. Let me pinpoint some market areas that you can venture out to find the camera that you want without shelling out much.

Direct Manufacturer - is perhaps the best place to get a hold of those underwater cameras and camcorders. These are considered affordable venues for purchase since you are directly buying the gadgets from them. There is no middleman or middle venue to be considered in the first place thus the price of the camera would be the actual retail price. Another advantage of this is its warranty and service since you will be instantly directed to their in house technicians that have the necessary knowledge and skill to solve any camera related concerns.

Internet Gateway - has the biggest probability of buying the cheapest variety of underwater cameras. This is the simplest medium to find a specific camera brand in whatever search engines which will in return give you various hits as to which sites can you probably acquire it. Some camera makers like Canon have their own e-store that provides multitude of sales and online promotions making their products way cheaper than their local resident stores. The only added value you must pay would be the shipping cost if you are geographically far from their point of origin.

Stores buying Second hand gadgets - is the venue where you can find the cheapest deal for any gadgets. Sad to say they only have limited varieties since there are only a few who would like to sell their pre-owned gadgets. Another thing to look up for is possible problems and defects of any acquired devices from these stores. But the biggest advantage of buying your underwater camera here is the cut off price which are commonly ranging from 50% to 75% lower than its retail price.

These are just some suggestions on where you can possibly buy cheap underwater cameras. You actually need not spend more on finding such a wonderful gadget. You only need to be resourceful as to where you can find these shops and sites. So begin the search and who knows you might encounter someone who can offer you these cameras for less.

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