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Friday, August 12, 2011

3D Machine Vision is here!!

In numerous machine-vision applications, solo or multiple cameras are used to capture two-dimensional (2-D) views of objects that are then analyzed for possible defects. Although analyzing these 2-D views is useful, many applications such as robotic pick-and-place systems require stereo images to perform this task. In other applications, such as surface analysis, it may be necessary to create a 3-D profile of an object to visualize any 3-D deformity that may be present.
Today, various methods exist to perform 3-D imaging. Perhaps the most popular of these are stereo-based vision methods that can use one or more cameras to extract information about the relative position of objects within a field of view. In this manner, depth information can be used, for example, to allow vision-guided robots to effectively pick and place objects located randomly within a bin. The data can also be used to reconstruct a 3-D model of the part for distance, angle, and area measurement.

Some of the things you can expect to see better

Stereo and more
Increased accuracy
Structured lighting

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